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Seeking Opportunities?

We are now recruiting for the following positions:

-Contract Linguists (remote)

Seeking translators and editors for:

*Altaic languages (Japanese & Korean)

*Baltic languages (Latvian & Lithuanian)

*Scandinavian languages (Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian & Swedish)

*Semitic languages (Amharic, Arabic & Hebrew)

*Sino-Tibetan languages (Burmese, Cantonese & Mandarin)

*Slavic languages (Czech, Polish, Russian, Serbian & Ukrainian)

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-Executive Assistant (part-time; remote options) 

Seeking an executive assistant who will provide direct support for TDM, Inc.'s management and daily operations. Responsibilities include preparing financial statements, invoicing, meeting minutes, basic bookkeeping, making travel and accommodation arrangements, analysis and distribution of incoming reports and submissions to be distributed as needed, filing and retrieving corporate documents, research data for reports, requests and/or proposals and provide general administrative support in-person and remotely as needed. 

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-Contracts & Procurement Intern (summer/fall)

Seeking a contracts and procurement intern who will assist TDM, Inc.'s management in executing tasks spanning the partial or full life cycle of varied contracts and projects. Some of these tasks include review and analysis of commercial and federal contracts, producing material support for contract and subcontract or project negotiations, research and analysis for new clients and vendor suppliers, support for consultations, requests and quote analysis, support for proposal development, support for compliance and training activities and presentation of reports summarizing contract and/or procurement issues to company management.   

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-Social Media & Marketing Intern (summer/fall)

Seeking a media and marketing intern who will elevate TDM, Inc.'s social media position one platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, ProZ, Translator's Cafe, Twitter, YouTube and other related websites. Design and implement effect social media, pitch kits and other marketing campaigns to aid in procuring new clientele and contracts pertinent to company objectives. 

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