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& Sectors

Advertising & Marketing

Businesses and organizations benefit greatly from creative global advertising and marketing solutions that bolster brand perception and campaign success through adapting a campaign from one cultural audience to another. TDM's dedicated cross-cultural experts specialize in adapting your advertising, marketing and branding for any global market.

Banking & Finance

In today's digital world, there constantly new regulatory and confidentiality hurdles that financial service firms and banking institutions face when conducting daily business and when communicating with clients, employees and shareholders. Specialized linguists will be assigned to your project who can produce materials of the highest quality while maintaining stringent data security standards for marketing materials, internal documents, client distributions and regulatory filings. 

Government Agencies & Contractors

Federal, state and local agencies as well as government contractors rely on language service providers and consultants such as us to be able to handle high-volume and complex requirements at a speed faster than most, whilst maintaining the highest standards for quality and accuracy. Our team of linguists and consultants understand this and are assessed for not only their speed and language proficiency, but also their ability to handle highly technical materials and subject matter specialties. With a team small enough to provide individualized attention to every detail for every client and yet large enough and flexible enough, we are able to serve our clients anywhere. 

Legal & Litigation

Legal clients require much more than just mere language services and quick consultations. We supply our services through a single point of contact to ensure case-level continuity throughout the time of service to allow attorneys, support staff and general counsel to focus on winning the case at hand. We provide subject-area expertise for international litigation and trial support from planning through executions. We are able to help formulate presentation strategy, prepare electronic exhibits, multi-lingual document review, analysis and translation and finalize transcripts for trial use.

Life Sciences

More and more, societies have come to trust and rely on the global development and marketing of drugs, treatments and other scientific products designed to improve and advance medicine, genetics and environmental conservation, along with other areas of science. We are able to facilitate the creation, management, translation and storage of an array of scientific documentation. With our cloud-based platform, files of any kind can be stored online, accessed from anywhere, tracked and audited with ease. This also enables life sciences organizations to streamline the execution and globalizations of global clinical trials and post-marketing campaigns in a controlled, transparent, paperless environment. Furthermore, our linguistic team offers you cultural consultancy, website localization and linguistic validation of Clinical Outcome Assessments.

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